Your best web hosting service in Sudan is getting better

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Thu, Feb 19 2015 12:33:00

Salam everyone!

Today we are introducing new features you always wanted.

Choose Your Web Hosting Subscription Type:
You can decided whether you want to be billed monthly or annually, you can also extend your current subscription up to 3 years.

Link Your Hosting Package with More than One Domain:
You are now able to link or map more than one domain to your hosting package with the price of SDG 49.99

Log in to your account then go to "My Hosting Subscriptions" and try them now!

And yeah we just reached the magic number 888 on Facebook likes ^_^

Softwex Cards life extended!

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Tue, Dec 30 2014 16:12:00

You may have noticed that our Softwex cards expiry date has come due but we extended their validity for one more year!

We expected -and hoped- at the end of 2014 major banks like Bank of Khartoum and Faisal Islamic Bank would support the online payment and will be more Cash Card resellers and distributors but due to extreme slow adoption we will have to extend the life of Softwex Card for one more year until we see some progress with the Online Payment and more people are comfortable using it.

More to come..

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Sun, Apr 28 2013 02:07:00

Hi! It's great to see everyone in Softwex's team believing and living the idea of creating something extraordinary for Sudan and for the customers! We have being working flat-out in the past couples of weeks -from our new office space- to bring new stuff to your Softwex account and we actually updated the system several times and prepare it to adopt the new changes, those updates were internal and would not be noticed by you. The things which will be noticed and appreciated by you are yet to come and we can't wait to show them to you!

Did we mentioned that we have a new office space?! Yea it's awesome by the way.. just take a look!

Go Research.. Go Education!

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Thu, Feb 28 2013 09:25:00

Hello everyone! We feel deeply sad when we see our education system and research movement poorly supported by Sudanese big corporates, there should be more efforts in trying to make education and research better.

Thanks for the Sudanese civil society organizations who are putting tremendous amount of energy and time to improve our awareness in the importance of good education, research and innovation and their continues work to make a difference despite their limited resources. Kudos to them!

So today we decided to help those organizations by providing free services and support to help them achieve their goals and make Sudan a better place.

We encourage other Sudanese IT companies to do the same, provide whatever you can offer for those organizations like free services, free support or discounts. This an investment for our future!

We would like to thank the following organizations for giving us the chance to give a hand:


Announcing our "Register and Win" giveaway winner

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Sun, Oct 09 2011 00:08:00

Register and win!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our "Register and Win" giveaway! It has been such an exciting month. And the winner is…

Muhammad Siddig Hassan @meidosh

He will get a 100 SDG Softwex Card to be used to register a domain name using our system at

SDG 100 Softwex Card

Congratulations to Muhammad, and thanks again to all who took the time to enter the giveaway :)

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