Go Research.. Go Education!

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Thu, Feb 28 2013 09:25:00

Hello everyone! We feel deeply sad when we see our education system and research movement poorly supported by Sudanese big corporates, there should be more efforts in trying to make education and research better.

Thanks for the Sudanese civil society organizations who are putting tremendous amount of energy and time to improve our awareness in the importance of good education, research and innovation and their continues work to make a difference despite their limited resources. Kudos to them!

So today we decided to help those organizations by providing free services and support to help them achieve their goals and make Sudan a better place.

We encourage other Sudanese IT companies to do the same, provide whatever you can offer for those organizations like free services, free support or discounts. This an investment for our future!

We would like to thank the following organizations for giving us the chance to give a hand:


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