What's been keeping us busy?

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Sat, Sep 17 2011 13:20:00

Hello, this is a quick update to show what's been keeping us busy lately.

As we promised you to keep working on our service and make much better, in the past couple of days we have revised the design of the Domain Look Up page to make it more accessible and easy to use, here it is..

Domain look up result page

In the past version there were a form beneath the result message to enables you to look up for other domain name options but how many people change their mind? No we prefer to let you focus on the message and not be interrupted by anything else. This looks much better I guess!


You also may or may not notice that we added 256-bit SSL encryption to all pages of our site, that's because we care about our customers security, but wait what that mean? It means that it's very difficult now for unauthorized people to view information traveling between your computer and our website and it's unlikely that anyone read your password or see your balance or account info as it travels accross the netwrok. We believe this is the first time a Sudanese online service do this on thier site.

We also been working to bring you a demonstration of our web hosting control panel, we keep saying it is easy to use and bla bla bla bla, but seeing is believing and here it is, now you can try yourself and decide.

iHost Control Panel

We also added a F.A.Qs page to our website to help people answering some common questions.

That was a quick update and now we will get back to work and make this thing much much better.. See ya!

Oh yea and one more thing.. we will be posting a video to show you how you can register a domain name using our system in under 5 minutes time, that's include creating a Softwex account.. how cool is that?!

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Abdalsalam Alhaj said on Oct 15, 2015

i do not find the control panel of my website ... i can not logging to my dash board ... i need to setup wardress theme on my website ...how can do that ?

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