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Posted by Ahmed Ali Hassan on Wed, Oct 09 2013 23:50:00

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A year ago we asked ourselves  “How will we reach all states in Sudan?”  it was a hard question to be answered at that time. We took a decision to find an innovative and reliable solution for this tough challenge. In our search journey we thought about and people encouraged us to implement a Mobile payment as a way to reach our lovely customers over the country because it’s simply everywhere but we didn’t do it! In our case It wasn’t very practical and giant telecom companies are not always very cooperative! During our quest to find a solution we found out that the Electronic Banking Services Co. Ltd – EBS already were working on a new online payment solution, we felt lucky because we were one of the first companies which adopted their solution if not the first! We started to work “very hard” with them and many issues arose during the process but finally “We did it!”.

Now everyone over the country can pay online without any complications just by using the same ATM cards.The service is very reliable,secure and easy to use. The question is”How will you  use it to recharge an account in Softwex?”. We will write down some tips here to help you to enjoy the service.

Prepare your ATM card

First of all, you have to check if your card’s bank is supported in the coverage banks list if you find it then generate a iPIN (internet Personal Identification Number) for your ATM card in any ATM machine for one time to do that follow these steps :

  1. Insert your ATM card into the machine.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Go to "Other Services" then choose "Change PIN".
  4. Choose "Create New iPIN".
  5. Enter any four digits of your choosing to be your iPIN.
  6. Enter the four digits one more time to confirm and you are done!

Recharge your Softwex Account

Sign in to your account in softwex website if you have an account or sign up if you are a new customer. Then follow these steps :

  1.  Click on “ Recharge Account” link.
  2.  Choose one of the charge classes 100 SDG,150 SDG and 300 SDG.
  3.  Enter your ATM card number which is known as PAN (Personal Account Number).
  4.  Enter your card expiration date (month/year).
  5. Press OK.
  6. Enter your iPIN which you generated in the ATM machine and press OK.
  7.  Check your balance and enjoy our online services :)


Ahmed Babekr said on Oct 10, 2013
هل ترغبون في توفير خدمات الدفع لمجالات غير مجالات تسجيل النطاقات والنشر على مواقع الإنترنت .. هل ستوفرون خدمة لبيع منتجات أخرى ....
Ahmed Ali Hassan said on Oct 11, 2013
بالطبع نحن نعمل على تقديم خدمات جديدة ومبتكرة على الإنترنت وذلك على المدى القريب فترقبونا

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