We did it!

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Tue, Sep 06 2011 22:46:00

We did it!

"And we are live!"

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us, we have launched iHost "Intelligent Hosting". An online service that will allow -for the first time- Sudanese citizens to register common level domain names from their homes and without the need for international credit cards like Visa or MasterCard.

Since the internet was first introduced in Sudan by Sudan Internet Services Co. Ltd. "Sudanet" in 1996, Sudanese citizens weren't able to register common level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info etc..) online and with simple clicks. The process was always daunting, people had to walk into a technology company request their domain names and get the response days after, and it wasn't cheap either! With Softwex iHost all this is going to change.

iHost will literally unlock a lot of opportunities to the Sudanese people in the world of the internet, especially young ambitious students after being stuck behind the rest of the world for a long time.

iHost is the first service to take advantage of Softwex Card, a payment system which will enable customers to pay their hosting subscriptions, domains registration and renewals fees.

We are very happy because we have received an overwhelming support and thumbs up from Sudanese people which we didn't expect.

Thank you all!  you have made our day more exciting, We dedicate this is to you!


Zeena said on Sep 07, 2011
جميل و رائع
lolo said on Sep 08, 2011
congratulation for the big step , hope you always make some thing different for the Sudanese ,
Mohaamed jaafar said on Mar 22, 2017
Your phone number please

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