It is the time for your business to go online!

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Wed, Aug 21 2013 21:30:00

"It is the time for your business to go online!" That's seems like 15 years late advice right? No! if you live in Sudan this exactly is the perfect time! Yes a new era for Sudanese business owners is about to begin.

Remember when we said "Online Payment Solutions for Sudan.. OK is good enough!"? That was 2 years ago! and let me tell you.. we were right! Our "OK" payment solution worked well, our customers loved it because it made their lives easier.

But this is the time for something different! We need a payment solution for everyone, something which could have a great impact on Sudanese eCommerce industry! But what if this solution became a reality tomorrow? Are you ready? Do you even exist online?! If your answer is no you are going to be left behind, you have to start now.. Seriously! Because something is coming!

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YayDesu said on Aug 23, 2013
What a cool news so we soon may hear about and system just like Google Ads that will turn the Sudanese internet upside down! I mean since the payment system been available everything is possible and those small start ups companies are just waiting for such a thing to be true, I'm so happy that's I made it to see this day (TT_TT)/

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