Price Adjustments

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Sat, Dec 15 2018 13:39:00

This post serves as a notice regarding the price increases that Softwex plans to put into effect this week. These increases are caused by the continuing fluctuations in currency exchange rates which proves to be very challenging to our business. Domain registrations and hosting services will both be affected by these adjustments.


- Softwex Team

PS: Stay strong!

Steps you need to get your website up and running with Softwex

Posted by Omer Khojali on Tue, Aug 07 2018 11:14:00

Softwex is a domain registration and web hosting company that provides online hosting services in Sudan. You don’t need credit cards and the process is fairly easy. We’re gonna walk you through the steps you need to get your website up and running with Softwex. 

What you need: 

1- Softwex Account! Create an account at Softwex (https://www.softwex.com). Make sure to activate it by opening the link you got in your email address.

2- Softwex Cards or an ATM Card that supports online payment: We have many ways to recharge your Softwex account. To recharge your account balance go to (My Account -> Add balance) and you’ll have the following options:

3- A unique domain name! Go to www.softwex.com and see if your domain name is available by looking it up. (Make sure to select the right website suffix (.com, .net, etc..) aka “top-level domain” (TLD).

Once you confirm that your account is ready, your balance is sufficient and your domain is available.

You can start the domain registration process:

  1. Click on Register Now! To get started.
  2. Fill out your contact details. 
  3. Choose a hosting subscription option: You need a hosting if you want to create emails, upload files and applications on your website.
  4. Review and checkout! 

That’s it! Now you should have an email with your domain and/or hosting details. For more details or assistance you can contact us or request support if you have any issues with our services. 


By: Omer Khojali

Prices update

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Tue, Jan 23 2018 10:29:00

أعلان سوفتويكس الإذاعي

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Sat, Dec 30 2017 19:20:00

أعلان سوفتويكس الإذاعي الذي تم بثه مؤخراً عبر إحدى إذاعات الإف أم المحلية

تثبيت RoundCube على استضافة سوفتويكس

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Mon, Oct 23 2017 11:35:00

شرح لأستخدام أسم موقعك للدخول على البريد الإلكتروني
مثال: webmail.domain.ltd بدلا من webmail.softwex.com

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